Monday, January 18, 2016

Use Google Contributor for Ad-free Browsing

You can now help your favourite websites via Google contributor!

Google has launched a new experimental service called Google contributor which enables users to pay and remove advert advertisements from the program’s partner websites while supporting the websites as well.

This is to be done by means of a small monthly fee of $1, $2 or $3 as desired.

What exactly will happen to advertisements?

This service will not remove the ad space from the website but will feature a thank you note for the contribution on the same space instead of an adsense ad.

What are the sites that the Google Contributor includes?

This system is in experimental mode only so it has been launched in participation with 10 sites only. Those sites include major publishers like Mashable, Wikihow, Science Daily, Urban Dictionary, Imgur, The Onion, etc.

How does Google benefit from Google Contributor?

Apparently, Google is keeping a cut from the contribution before distributing it to the publishers. One thing that is for sure is that Google will keep the cut to be enough to make up for losses it causes to advert revenue.

“We keep a portion [of the subscription fee] to operate our advertising network on which Contributor runs. This is the same amount we charge advertisers to show their ads” told a Google spokesman to The register.

A major share of Google’s revenue comes out of its advertisement service advert. Also, Google and other major ad providers have always been bothered a lot with people using ad blocker plugins lately. So, it might be a tiny step from Google to diversify its income stream and to nullify the effect of ad-blocker as well.

Is it a Good Idea?

Since the advent of internet, publishers have experimented to create revenue from the free publication. Although services like Google contribution have been tried before on a smaller scale but only most feasible way to earn money from free content has always been advertisement only.

This could prove to be a revolutionary idea as it will create a win-win-win situation for everyone from Google and users to publishers. The money paid by users will be distributed to the Publishers after with Google taking its cut.

What is the procedure to contribute and avail service?

Like all other Google services in initial phases, right now, Google contributor is an invite only service as well. You can get yourself registered in the wait list. Once Google sends you an invitation, then you can get the list of websites and decide whether to contribute or not.

To avail the service, you would need to have a Google account and be logged in to it while browsing for the system to work.

Although, Google contributor might be perceived as a challenge to Advertisement program but the fact is that it would work in much better in tandem with advertisement program while providing an alternate structure as well.