Monday, January 25, 2016

Why Smartphone Companies Won’t Invest in Battery Technology

Smartphones are getting more powerful and loaded with even more features day after day. Smartphone companies have come a long way since the last decade. Smartphone Cameras today are much superior than point and shoot cameras were 5 years ago. Processors have reached 8 cores and with computing at par with an average computer just few years back.  Newest features like biometric scanners and NFC are becoming the norms of the industry. But one thing that has not changed since the advent of smartphones is the battery life or the ‘lack of battery life’.

Take any of the best smartphones available in the market. One thing you will notice is that they all have nearly the same battery life which is approximately one day of average usage. It only deteriorates as your phone gets older. One, or maybe two year later you find yourself looking for the charging point in between the day to charge your smartphone.


Main reason Behind this?

Low battery life of a phone has been a source of annoyance for smartphone users since forever. And it is really weird why smartphone companies are not trying hard enough to tackle this problem in this consumer driven market. Well, it might not be their direct strategy but one simple reason for this blind eye is that they need you to change your phone more frequently. One of the major reason that people tend to change their phone is that after some time the battery life of the phone decreases.It becomes a major nuisance for the user and pushes them towards the phone that could potentially lead to a better experience because of a relatively better battery. In other words, it simply makes you want to buy a new phone; most probably, their latest phone. Now, since people tend to stick to the same company since they are familiar with the experience, they will probably purchase an upgrade of the existing phone itself, only for the same process to be repeated again.

It does not mean that major smartphone companies are doing it intentionally. It just means that they do not have enough motivation to do otherwise and it is in the back of their mind.

This theory can somewhat be solidified from the fact that people tend to change their laptops and tablets much less frequently than their phones since they provide a decent battery life for their purpose.

However, with the competition getting fierce and wearable gadgets knocking the doors, it is going to be interesting how the smartphone companies react to it.