Monday, January 25, 2016

IS Wireless Power Transmission Coming To Daily Life ?

We have all had our moments with the wires over the clutter and tangling. Be it when you have to sit uncomfortably near the power outlet to charge and use your phone at the same time or when the wire falls short reaching that last corner while ironing your clothes. Well, this all is going to change soon. Very soon.

While the idea of Wireless electricity can be traced back to Nicola Tesla in 1800’s. But, it is only now that the idea has gained some traction. Possibly because of the latest improvements and constant efforts in the direction making is more feasible every day after day. Wiretricity is a company that was founded in 2007 in order to commercialize a new technology that can wireless-ly transmit power safely and effectively.

How Wireless Power Transmission Works

Wireless Power Transmission

It works on the principles of magnetic resonance and induction. The power is transmitted from one object to another with the help of oscillating magnetic fields. Transmitter generates an alternating magnetic field which is then captured by the receiver coil and then converted into electricity.

Also, this technology can transmit the electricity much more efficiently than current systems, it could highly increase the efficiency of our current transmission systems.

Who could be the large scale drivers of Wireless power transmission?
Wiretricity already has a licensed agreement with the companies like Intel and Toyota to integrate the technology in their products

Toyota has plans to integrate wireless charging in their hybrid and battery operated vehicles. Intel is in the hopes of designing a completely wire-free laptop by the year 2016. This is to be done in their new broadwell processor using wireless I/O like Wi-Fi and wireless charging.

“As part of this licensing agreement, WiTricity will work with Intel to integrate WiTricity’s patented technology to enable efficient, high performance wireless charging solutions for computing devices powered by Intel,” as said jointly by both companies.

Although there is much to be done in this field yet; but, the possibilities for wireless power transmission are endless. This could result in a much different world than as we see it today. A much less cluttered and more convenient one, opening the gates to many other functionalities and benefits.

Maybe tomorrow will exist a world where wired power transmission is just another chapter in history.