Sunday, March 6, 2016

Best iPhone SE Wallpapers Hd

iPhone SE (Special Edition) is the Latest iPhone of the Most Popular Smartphone company Apple, Apple has released so many products over the years and its latest iPhone Models are doing Well in the Market. The New iPhone Se is the latest model from Apple and People Seems to be loving it, But the Problem is iPhone Doesn't Have too many Pre Loaded iPhone Wallpapers in it and People Want wallpapers for iphone se so they Download their Favorite Wallpapers for iPhone Se. Well, Here we have Provided you the Best iPhone Se Wallpapers and each iphone se wallpaper is in High Quality with high Resolution and you can also them as iphone se background on your new iPhoneSe.
Everyone seems to interested in buying this new iPhone While few people like me always want to have beautiful backgrounds in our Phone because we are iphone background lovers :P.

15 Hd iPhone Se Wallpapers 2016

While Everyone is Busy in using the New iPhone Se, You Might Miss the Most Beautiful Wallpapers for iPhone Se in your Phone and this is something which can make your iphone more beautiful. Don't Worry here you can Find Every Type of iPhone Se Wallpaper Hd and that too you are free to download anyone of these.

Cool iPhone se Wallpaper

Eiffel Tower iPhone se Wallpaper

iphone se background

iphone se wallpaper

Ferrari iPhone se Wallpaper

Well, You might have seen our last post in which we provided Wallpapers for iPhone Se, So You might be amazed what this post is about. Well here we have provide you the most Beautiful iPhone Se Backgrounds so that you can use it on your new iPhone se. Each iPhone Se Background is in Hd and it usable on any iphone device.

Funny iPhone Se Wallpaper

iPhone Se Abstract Wallpaper

iphone se wallpaper for girls
Best iPhone se Wallpaper

wallpaper iphone se

iphone se wallpapers

iphone wallpaper candle

iphone se backgrounds

Magical Girls iPhone Wallpaper

my iphone se walls

tiger iphone se wallpaperWallpaper for iPhone se

sunset iphone se background

colorful 3d iphone se abstract background

Also Share Your Favorite iPhone Se Wallpaper With Your Friends and Family using the Above Social Sharing and Let everyone use the best Background/Wallpaper iPhone Se.
Need More Wallpapers? Do Visits our Blog Regularly for more Beautiful Wallpapers.
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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Top 5 Battery Saving Tips For Android 2016

Lately, a large number of individuals are seen turning towards Android based devices. Some of the main reasons that have led to this particular scenario are the wide array of applications, android games and other features that Android devices tend to come compete with. Since a number of programs, applications and softwares are being made use of in the Android devices there is direct impact on the battery of the device, this is the reason Android users are always in search of battery saving tips for Android. Hence, saving as much battery power as possible is a must. In this article, we will be discussing the Top 5 Battery Saving Tips For Android.

Android Battery Saving Tips

android tips

Lower The Display Brightness :

Lowering the display brightness is one of the most simple and the most effective battery saving tips for Android. A very easy task that can help you to save battery of your Android device is by lowering the level of brightness on your display, It is one of the most suggested battery saving tips for Android. Most of the time, the brightness on your display is very high because the Automatic Brightness option is active in your device. Hence, in order to take control of this situation all that you need to do is click on the settings option and tick off the Automatic Brightness option. Instead, you need to opt for the Brightness option that will allow you to manually alter the level of brightness on your display. It is advisable to maintain the brightness up to thirty percent. However, if you can clearly view the display even at a brightness level of below thirty percent then, you can go below this limit.

Keep Instant Messaging Shut :

In your Android powered device one element that is likely to put a lot of strain on your device battery are the various instant messaging alternatives such as Google Talk. Most of the time, these instant messaging tools are active on your devices and thus tend to consume a lot of battery. Hence, it is essential to keep the app closed to save battery of your android device, which can be made possible by signing out from the same. Similarly, most of you must be finding the automatic sign in option very handy, but fail to realize that it is likely to have a negative impact on your device battery. Hence, it is crucial for you to visit the settings bar and deselect the Automatic sign in option.

Switch Off The Background Data :

Most of you must be highly active on your Android devices as far as the email services, Google Play Store or other web-connected apps are concerned. The problem with these add-ons is that they tend to gather data in the background. Most of you must be finding this facility absolutely incredible, but the issue here is that they tend to have a negative impact on your battery power. Hence, it is desirable for you to keep the background data turned off to save battery of your Android device. In order to switch off the same you need to click on the settings bar and visit the battery and data management option. Thereafter, you need to click on the data delivery tab and finally deselect the background data.

Opt For 3G Instead Of 4G :

Yet another easy way that can help you to save battery of your Android based device is by choosing to opt for 3G instead of 4G. This is also a simple battery saving tip for your Android device, You can go for this approach whenever you decide to turn a blind-eye towards data intensive apps or even in an occasion when you are not downloading large files. Some of the devices even allow you to switch to the 2G option that is comparatively a lesser battery consuming alternative. The process of converting from 4G to 3G tends to differ from one device to the other. However, in most of the devices you are required to click on the settings tab and visit the Wireless and Networks option. Follow this by deselecting the box next to the 4G option.

Keep Location Facilities GPS Turned Off :

Keeping  your device’s GPS off is the tip which also can help you save battery of your android device. Most of the Android devices happen to come across as an angel in disguise to help you locate places by guiding you with the directions or even for the sake of locating local business units. This is made possible with the help of Google Maps and GPS, which actually tends to consume loads of battery power. Hence, when not in use it is advisable to keep the same turned off. In order to switch off the same you need to click on the settings bar and visit the Location and Security option. You need to follow this by deselecting Google location services and GPS services respectively this will be help you to save battery of your Android device for sure.

So, these were some simple yet effective battery saving tips  for Android devices. Share your views on battery saving tips for Android devices and the ways you use to save battery of your Android device.
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Monday, February 1, 2016

Keep Important Family Files Safe in Your Cloud

CloudTweaks released a set of metrics by which cloud security outperforms physical security, including access to easy encryption and backup services. However, this does not mean that a cloud storage unit can be used carelessly, and parents must take steps to ensure family data on the cloud cannot be hacked or accessed by a third party.

Be Aware Of Mobile Use

Since a cloud network can be accessed by any mobile phone anywhere in the world, the potential for a security breach remains high whenever mobile units become configured for access to the cloud. IdentityTheft 911 suggests that some two billion dollars goes into data loss remediation as individuals and companies deal with theft resulting from unauthorized use of the cloud via mobile connection. A preventative measure would be to cut off all mobiles from cloud access, but this greatly limits your ability to access data. Instead, use a separate cloud account for mobile use so that you can better monitor authorized (and unauthorized) use from family smart phones.

Encrypt Everything

In the same way that you can keep someone from reading a letter if you use a code, you can keep cloud data more secure by using an encryption protocol. This works by scrambling up numbers and letters so that it makes no sense to anyone attempting to hack into the network. Google announced they would auto-encrypt their cloud storage data in response to the NSA scandals earlier this year, as Mashable reports. While some services provide automatic encryption, many others do not. You can find both free and paid encryption services to better protect your data.

Make Good Passwords

Any password can be hacked, regardless of its length or complexity. StopTheHacker reports that a lowercase password only six letters long can be hacked in ten minutes. The bad news is that this accounts for the vast majority of passwords. The good news is that by adding two upper-case letters and a number, that figure spikes to over forty thousand years. Make passwords a complex blend of letters, numbers, and characters so that brute-force hacks fail. You can prevent ID theft proactively with strong passwords and by using monitoring services for your cloud data and financial information. These monitoring services give you twenty-four hour access to security assistance, along with active alerts for personal and financial data.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Hacks, like many other crimes, tend to be instances of opportunity rather than planned-out attacks. You will be more likely to experience identity theft if you give out personal information than if you have a massive bank account hidden behind a strong security profile. Make sure kids do not give away Social Security numbers, shared any credit card information after use, and be careful who you give your financial data to in the real and digital world.
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Friday, January 29, 2016

How Much does it Cost to Develop an iPhone App

Over the past two years the market is flooded with variety of apps; in last 9 months the Apple store reported to download more than a billion downloads. The app frenzy started with Apple and now spread to Android, Blackberry and other companies. Nevertheless, iPhone app development has captured the largest market share, driving maximum traffic and revenue. A simple example is Angry Birds, which has generated more than $50 Million off a simple game.

Types of apps you can develop

Apps development is not so expensive affair; you need to know about the various types and process based on which you can decide the money you want to invest on application development.

Basic table functionality

Basic table functionality is a simple type of app where it displays the basic information, for example, the email in iPhone. It is not so hard to make this app and cost less compared to others.

Database driven custom functionality

This is a bit complex app development because it requires expertise to programming on database and creativity and logic.
iphone app cost

Enhancement of the device firmware or hardware

The enhancement or modification means you can improvise the existing functionality of phone such as alarm, camera, or flash.


Games are complex application to develop, yet it is a popular one, even the simplest one like Candy Man is quite a rage among users.

iPhone app Development Cost

Development is a programming side of the process, and the cost varies on what device you are developing for.

Simple table based app costs around $1000-$4000 where you provide all the content, idea, direction and cite an example. If you can supply the graphics, the project would cap under $1500, though media integration can take an additional charge.
Database app costs around $8000-$50000 where you provide the idea, functionality layout, content, image, sound etc. The development cost depends on the logic within the app and architecting all the usability.

Games development is the hardest to ballpark. It costs anything between $10,000 and $25000 with only the code. Games are complex programming and use of gyroscope will add additional expense. However, games are downloaded in greater number.
iPhone App design cost

The design of app plays a great contribution in overall ROI and user experience. Investing in a good design is always a good idea because it increases your margins on a 2 year timeline.  It comes in packages, including essential screens and icons.

The base level designing costs around $500-10,000, and not done for the retina display. You can design the app and send it to the developer, remember to name the file so that it saves time.
iPhone 5 compatible designs will cost 25% more than the usual cost. The images will be sized at 960×640 pixels.

For iPad there is an extra 50% cost, presupposes that the layout is simple and flow is similar to iPhone.

The design charge consists of the icons. You can first see the initial design by asking for screen shots if you feel you can contribute a little bit more to it. There aren’t any ulterior fees except the $99 Apple will charge you per year and 30% cut for each sale. The cost of you iPhone app development consists of development, design and IT architecture (hosting, servers etc.)
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Best Fun Math Games for Kids Online

Any of you parents who want to educate you kids earlier, this list of the best fun math games for kids would be very helpful. These entire mat games available on this article is designed for kids which available online. It is clear now that you can get almost nearly everything online. Aside of the kids fun math games which will clearly improve the kids ability on math, there are many others more educational games available. Good thing of this kind of thing is that kids will be able to learn many things while they are actually having fun at the same time.

Online Games for kids

The Math Game Time is the first one on the list of best fun math game for kids. This is one interesting math game designed for kids ranging from preK to the seventh grade. There are so many interesting mini games included which are divided by s certain skills such as probability, fractions, and multiplication. It has a very friendly and simple layout so that kids will be easier to understand the whole thing there. Nevertheless it also has interesting format to prevent the kids for getting bored while playing. The is the second on the list of best fun kids math games. There are so many math games available on this site even for the free version. In order to get the full version a person that is a teacher should sign a school up. Although sign up process is needed, the full version does not require any payment.

The Toy Theater is on the third spot of the best fun math games for kids. There are so many different subjects available on the Toy Theater one of which is the math category. On this category there would be simple yet attractive math games. There are categories of the math game such as counting, matching, and also pattern. The fourth on the list of best fun games math for kids is the as the best fun math games for kids. This site basically offers multiplication teaching system. One of the features is the math games for kids. Since the name suggest this site will provide math games in relation to multiplication only. The fifth spot is owned by the Math is Fun which has very interesting concept of math textbook. There are also a number of math games available to enhance kid’s math ability. Those are the five best fun math games for kids.
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The Best Gaming Laptop under 1000$

Best gaming laptop under 1000 is the gaming laptop that has most customers. Gamers are thinking that under $1000 gaming laptop is the most suitable laptop for them on the perspective of both performance and price. Gaming laptop is different from other use of laptop. This kind of laptop is supposed to have high performance and screen definition. Most gamers can only afford gaming laptop under 1000. Even though there are many cheap laptops out there in the price range of $300 - $500, they would not be satisfied about the laptop because the laptop is not suitable for gaming purpose. They know that best laptops are in the price range of $1800 - $2200; however, the problem is in their wallet that the price is not affordable. Gamers believe that under $1000 gaming laptop is enough to satisfy their desire on gaming.

Best Gaming Laptop

The gaming laptop under 1000 has enough satisfying specification for those who love games a lot. High full definition between 1600 x 900 and 1920 x 1080 resolution is the most common resolution for this kind of laptop. Under $1000 gaming laptops mostly have SATA drives 1TB and also a host of some features like dedicated graphic processors and processor of quad core. The processors are usually using NVidia GeForce midrange series and AMD Radeon with video RAM. These laptops are having 8GB RAM 64-bit Windows 8 or windows 7 and many others to maximize hardware performance.

Lenovo Idea Pad Y510P is considered as the best gaming laptop under 1000 so far. This is based on the technology experts’ reviews and gamers’ comments on the internet. Lenovo Idea Pad is completed with Haswell 4th generation i7 Intel Core 4700MQ clocked at 2.4 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.4 GHz) and supported with 8GB (upgradable to 16GB) DDR3 RAM system on SODIMM slots. It has standard 15.6 inch LED backlit screen at 1920 x 1080 HD resolutions with Dual NVidia Class 1 GT 750M GeForce on SLI mode dedicated with 2GB video RAM each. With this, gamers are satisfied with the specs and it would perform game well. This laptop can run well the most up-to-date games released last two years with highest game setting. Running Company of Hero 2 for example, this laptop works as the gamers’ expectation but in lowest games detail setting. It is said if a person would never regret buying this Lenovo Idea Pad Y510P.
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How to Use WeChat for The First Time

How to Use WeChat - Have you known about WeChat? Truly, some of you have known it; even you have used and installed it in your hand phone. Generally, WeChat is a new generation of chatting in the form of both mobile text and voice message communication service. It has developed by Tencent in China and it was released for for the first time in January 2011.

The WeChat application is available for all platforms include Android platform, iPhone platform, BlackBerry platform, Windows Phone platform, and Symbian platform. Today, it has provided some languages in the world include Chinese, English, Indonesian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Portuguese, and Russian. WeChat is supported on all data networks such as 2G, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi.

How to Make WeChat Registration


How to Use WeChat, it will be a popular question when you want to use it for the first time. The valuable way to do it is by making a registration. Registration menu will appear after you download WeChat application from the official website. Some platforms have provided that application in their platforms. If you have found it, you have to install it in your current phone. There are two ways to Do WeChat registrations.

The first, you can make a registration by using the telephone number; it is similar with making registration in using WhatsApp. Open your WeChat application and select sign up. To get started that WeChat phone registration, you only need to write the number on the application form and you have to wait for the verification code. The verification code will be sent via SMS, and after you have gotten the verification code in WeChat application, you have to select "Next”. Finally, you will find some features of WeChat, you have to continue to slide right and press the "Enter"; so you have officially registered and you can start using WeChat.

The second, you can register WeChat by using Facebook account. It is quite simply, you only need to login your Facebook account with current username and password. Facebook account will appear in your WeChat application, so you have registered and you can start to use the WeChat application.

As a result, in order to use your WeChat application, you will need to find your friends who use it too. Use valuable features in that application in order to connect with all people who use it. The benefit features of WeChat include Shake, Look Around, Add Contacts, WeChat ID, and Hold to Talk. Learn How to Use WeChat features by accessing internet.
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10 Tips for Using Fitness Gadgets to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

It’s that time of the year again! So much fun, family, and FOOD! Almost everyone gains some weight during the holidays - with all the dinners and parties and no time left over for being physically active and exercise. It’s is a definite recipe for weight gain.

"This the Season"
Good for you for thinking in advance! Now you can put some techniques into practice now. Here are ten great ways to use fitness gadgets to avoid holiday weight gain.

Try Them All!
Smartphone: Your internet connected mobile device is the most powerful fitness gadget you can find. From healthy cooking apps, trailfinders, workout videos, and a million other fitness apps, it will be your best friend this holiday season!
Fitness tips

  1. Fitness Band: There are many products available now which you wear on your wrist that monitor pulse and heart rate, as well as blood pressure and other factors. These can help you to reach peak performance.
  2. Pedometer: You may be taking more steps throughout your daily activities than you realize. You can keep track by wearing a pedometer and learn to park a bit further away and increase your fitness with lifestyle changes.
  3. Ankle Weights: Super low tech here! Slap on a set of ankle weights and go about your day. The extra weight will strengthen and tone and burn calories!
  4. Calorie Tracker: Sometimes it’s what we eat, more than a lack of exercise, that is impairing our health and fitness. We go through life not really knowing the true caloric value of our food. Well, there’s an app for that!
  5. Mileage Tracker: It can be impressive to realize that you can now actually walk an entire mile, or more! GPS based mileage trackers can help you out here, and show your path on a map.
  6. Wii/Kinect Games: These popular console video games can track your motions and give you a great workout in your living room. They are fun and very interactive, with lively music and game points to motivate you. Get everyone involved and see how fun these are with the whole family!
  7. Social Apps: Many fitness gadgets come with a social element where you share and compete with others using the same gadgets. There are also apps for Facebook designed to motivate a group of friends. You can support each other through thick and thin!
  8. Reward Apps: Some people need more than verbal support and encouragement to get going and reward apps can be just the right thing! The programs turn workouts and fitness accomplishments into points which can be exchanged for real products, services, discounts, and sometimes cash!
  9. Resistance Training: Many exercise gadgets exist that are based on resistance and tension. From the infamous ThighMaster to stretchy bands, back to the low tech here!
  10. Jingle All the Way
  11. Now that you have these good habits going, relax and be prepared for all of the holiday temptations. With some effort and mindfulness you can have attend all the soirees with bells on! Happy holidays.

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Monday, January 25, 2016

IS Wireless Power Transmission Coming To Daily Life ?

We have all had our moments with the wires over the clutter and tangling. Be it when you have to sit uncomfortably near the power outlet to charge and use your phone at the same time or when the wire falls short reaching that last corner while ironing your clothes. Well, this all is going to change soon. Very soon.

While the idea of Wireless electricity can be traced back to Nicola Tesla in 1800’s. But, it is only now that the idea has gained some traction. Possibly because of the latest improvements and constant efforts in the direction making is more feasible every day after day. Wiretricity is a company that was founded in 2007 in order to commercialize a new technology that can wireless-ly transmit power safely and effectively.

How Wireless Power Transmission Works

Wireless Power Transmission

It works on the principles of magnetic resonance and induction. The power is transmitted from one object to another with the help of oscillating magnetic fields. Transmitter generates an alternating magnetic field which is then captured by the receiver coil and then converted into electricity.

Also, this technology can transmit the electricity much more efficiently than current systems, it could highly increase the efficiency of our current transmission systems.

Who could be the large scale drivers of Wireless power transmission?
Wiretricity already has a licensed agreement with the companies like Intel and Toyota to integrate the technology in their products

Toyota has plans to integrate wireless charging in their hybrid and battery operated vehicles. Intel is in the hopes of designing a completely wire-free laptop by the year 2016. This is to be done in their new broadwell processor using wireless I/O like Wi-Fi and wireless charging.

“As part of this licensing agreement, WiTricity will work with Intel to integrate WiTricity’s patented technology to enable efficient, high performance wireless charging solutions for computing devices powered by Intel,” as said jointly by both companies.

Although there is much to be done in this field yet; but, the possibilities for wireless power transmission are endless. This could result in a much different world than as we see it today. A much less cluttered and more convenient one, opening the gates to many other functionalities and benefits.

Maybe tomorrow will exist a world where wired power transmission is just another chapter in history.
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