Tuesday, January 26, 2016

10 Tips for Using Fitness Gadgets to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

It’s that time of the year again! So much fun, family, and FOOD! Almost everyone gains some weight during the holidays - with all the dinners and parties and no time left over for being physically active and exercise. It’s is a definite recipe for weight gain.

"This the Season"
Good for you for thinking in advance! Now you can put some techniques into practice now. Here are ten great ways to use fitness gadgets to avoid holiday weight gain.

Try Them All!
Smartphone: Your internet connected mobile device is the most powerful fitness gadget you can find. From healthy cooking apps, trailfinders, workout videos, and a million other fitness apps, it will be your best friend this holiday season!
Fitness tips

  1. Fitness Band: There are many products available now which you wear on your wrist that monitor pulse and heart rate, as well as blood pressure and other factors. These can help you to reach peak performance.
  2. Pedometer: You may be taking more steps throughout your daily activities than you realize. You can keep track by wearing a pedometer and learn to park a bit further away and increase your fitness with lifestyle changes.
  3. Ankle Weights: Super low tech here! Slap on a set of ankle weights and go about your day. The extra weight will strengthen and tone and burn calories!
  4. Calorie Tracker: Sometimes it’s what we eat, more than a lack of exercise, that is impairing our health and fitness. We go through life not really knowing the true caloric value of our food. Well, there’s an app for that!
  5. Mileage Tracker: It can be impressive to realize that you can now actually walk an entire mile, or more! GPS based mileage trackers can help you out here, and show your path on a map.
  6. Wii/Kinect Games: These popular console video games can track your motions and give you a great workout in your living room. They are fun and very interactive, with lively music and game points to motivate you. Get everyone involved and see how fun these are with the whole family!
  7. Social Apps: Many fitness gadgets come with a social element where you share and compete with others using the same gadgets. There are also apps for Facebook designed to motivate a group of friends. You can support each other through thick and thin!
  8. Reward Apps: Some people need more than verbal support and encouragement to get going and reward apps can be just the right thing! The programs turn workouts and fitness accomplishments into points which can be exchanged for real products, services, discounts, and sometimes cash!
  9. Resistance Training: Many exercise gadgets exist that are based on resistance and tension. From the infamous ThighMaster to stretchy bands, back to the low tech here!
  10. Jingle All the Way
  11. Now that you have these good habits going, relax and be prepared for all of the holiday temptations. With some effort and mindfulness you can have attend all the soirees with bells on! Happy holidays.