Friday, January 29, 2016

How Much does it Cost to Develop an iPhone App

Over the past two years the market is flooded with variety of apps; in last 9 months the Apple store reported to download more than a billion downloads. The app frenzy started with Apple and now spread to Android, Blackberry and other companies. Nevertheless, iPhone app development has captured the largest market share, driving maximum traffic and revenue. A simple example is Angry Birds, which has generated more than $50 Million off a simple game.

Types of apps you can develop

Apps development is not so expensive affair; you need to know about the various types and process based on which you can decide the money you want to invest on application development.

Basic table functionality

Basic table functionality is a simple type of app where it displays the basic information, for example, the email in iPhone. It is not so hard to make this app and cost less compared to others.

Database driven custom functionality

This is a bit complex app development because it requires expertise to programming on database and creativity and logic.
iphone app cost

Enhancement of the device firmware or hardware

The enhancement or modification means you can improvise the existing functionality of phone such as alarm, camera, or flash.


Games are complex application to develop, yet it is a popular one, even the simplest one like Candy Man is quite a rage among users.

iPhone app Development Cost

Development is a programming side of the process, and the cost varies on what device you are developing for.

Simple table based app costs around $1000-$4000 where you provide all the content, idea, direction and cite an example. If you can supply the graphics, the project would cap under $1500, though media integration can take an additional charge.
Database app costs around $8000-$50000 where you provide the idea, functionality layout, content, image, sound etc. The development cost depends on the logic within the app and architecting all the usability.

Games development is the hardest to ballpark. It costs anything between $10,000 and $25000 with only the code. Games are complex programming and use of gyroscope will add additional expense. However, games are downloaded in greater number.
iPhone App design cost

The design of app plays a great contribution in overall ROI and user experience. Investing in a good design is always a good idea because it increases your margins on a 2 year timeline.  It comes in packages, including essential screens and icons.

The base level designing costs around $500-10,000, and not done for the retina display. You can design the app and send it to the developer, remember to name the file so that it saves time.
iPhone 5 compatible designs will cost 25% more than the usual cost. The images will be sized at 960×640 pixels.

For iPad there is an extra 50% cost, presupposes that the layout is simple and flow is similar to iPhone.

The design charge consists of the icons. You can first see the initial design by asking for screen shots if you feel you can contribute a little bit more to it. There aren’t any ulterior fees except the $99 Apple will charge you per year and 30% cut for each sale. The cost of you iPhone app development consists of development, design and IT architecture (hosting, servers etc.)