Friday, January 15, 2016

How to Create New YouTube Channel

If you have been a part of Google ecosystem(which you probably have), then you already know that Google integrates all of its services under just one account called Google Account.

Recently, on the same lines, YouTube accounts have been connected with the corresponding Google Plus Accounts.  This creates a confusion in the minds of users who want to create a new YouTube channel. So, here is some clarity that I would like to offer. If you have a Google plus profile then the Channel that you would create would start in the name that you have registered on Google Plus profile, which in turn is the name that you had registered while making the Google account.

So, it is usually better to create a new Channel if you do not want to use your exact own name or if you are starting a business channel.

create youtube channel

Steps to Create new YouTube Channel by registering for a new Google Account

  • If you are signed in to Google account, sign out of it.
  • Go to YouTube Homepage.
  • Click the ‘Sign in’ Button.
  • Click on ‘create an account’.Create an account
  • Make an account with or without Gmail address3
  • Accept or refuse to create a Google Plus Profile – If you decide to create Google plus profile then your YouTube channel will be made on the name you registered for Google account and connected to corresponding Google Plus account by default.Create Google plus profile.
  • Click on ‘Back to YouTube’.
  • Click on ‘My Channel’YouTube - My Channel.
  • You can create your own very personal channel with just your own name or a business channel – I would recommend you to have a different channel if you have already though of a name. Or even if you want to brand yourself under some other name.Create new YouTube Channel
  • Enter your desired channel name.
  • Congratulations! Your brand new YouTube Channel has just been created!

Create new YouTube Channel on old Google account

  • Sign in to your Google account and go to YouTube homepage.
  • Click on Profile picture on the upper right corner of the screen
  • Click on YouTube settings button YouTube Settings
  • Click “See all my channels or create a new channel”Create  a new YouTube Channel
  • Click on create a new channel Add new channel
  • Name Your channel, select a Category and click on done
  • Congratulations! Your channel has been created.

Now, go ahead Create your own channel and hang on to TheGizMoid. There is a lot to come yet!