Thursday, January 14, 2016

15 Facebook Feature to Upgrade Your Experience

You have been using Facebook for some time now and probably realize the power of its simplicity. But there comes a time when it gets monotonous and you start to demand more from it.
Well, Facebook does provide more features than meets the eye.

So, here is a list of 15 Facebook features that will help you upgrade your experience.

1- The Facebook pirate or Upside down?

Let your Facebook turn into a pirate with this language feature where you can change your Language into the Pirate English. The Pirate English language will provide you with pirate slangs where the English would be used by Facebook generally. However, if you didn’t like Facebook’s as a pirate simply turn it into upside down script. Enabling the upside down English will  literally turn all the English words and sentences to be upside down.

Click on the inverted triangle on upper right corner of the screen
Click on settings in the menu
Click on edit in the Language option
Choose the English (Pirate) or English (Upside Down)
Save Changes.

2- Turn off notification sounds

Annoyed with that annoying popping sound every-time you receive a message or a notification?  Yes, you can just simply turn it off.

Click on the inverted triangle on upper right corner of the screen
Click on settings in the menu
Click on Notification option in the left column
Click on view in front of “On Facebook” option
Simply uncheck the boxes to turn off the notification and message sounds respectively
Save Changes.

facebook features

3- Be selective with your online status for chat

There are times when you want to hide from chatting with specific people or times when you want to chat with some specific people and hide from the rest. It is very easy to have this privacy on Facebook. Here is how you do it.

Open settings by clicking on settings icon and then click on advanced settings option
In the popup select “Turn on chat for all friends except…” or  “Turn on chat fro only some friends…” as you wish.
Add names of friends you want to be online and offline for.

4- Save items

As dynamic as Facebook’s newsfeed is, your friends updates get lost pretty easily in the never ending flow of feeds. You may sometimes find yourself searching throughout that sea but could never find that update. So, here is a solution for you. Save the item as soon as you see it.

Simply click the inverted downward arrow on the upper right corner of the post and click save.
It does not work for photos and status updates but for Links, Videos, Places, Movies, books, Music, TV Shows, Events.
You can access the saved items from left hand column of the homepage.
And no, your friends will not be notified about it.

5- Make a shared album

You go to a party, trip or anywhere and click a loads of photos on a lot of different cameras. It is a really tough task to collect photos from your friends and then share them on Facebook. Instead, what you can do is simply just share the album and let them upload the photos in the album as well.

Go to the album you have created
Click on “Change to shared album” in the top left corner
Add the names of contributors and select the audience as well
Save changes.

6- Interest Lists

If your newsfeed is too cluttered and you tend to miss the posts you would like to see from a selected group of People and pages. You can simply create an Interest list where you can add the people and pages you would like to get feeds from.  You can follow other people’s lists and share your lists with other people as well.

Click on Interests in the left hand column of the Homepage
Click on “Create list”
Search for people and pages you want to add
Complete the list and Click on “next”
Choose your privacy settings and click “Done”
To share the list with your friend

Click on Interests in the left hand column of the Homepage
Click on “More”
Click on the name of the list and Click “Share”.

7- Tag friends in video

You have been tagging friends in photos for a long time now. But did you know that you could tag your friends in videos as well? Working of it is pretty much similar to photo tagging.

Expand the video
Click “Tag Video”
Tag the name of the person
Click “Done Editing”.

8- Your log-in data and control

Sometimes you might ever have doubt that someone else is using your account or maybe you just want to just check the log in data of your account for some reason. Then facebook provides a feature for this as well. You can check your Last accessed, location and browser type on various devices. You can even end the activity on devices you are logged into.

Click on the inverted triangle on upper right corner of the screen
Click on “settings” in the menu
Click on “Security”
Click on edit in “Where you’re logged in option”.

9- History of you and your partner

You can view the Facebook history of you and your partner you can simply do it by adding “/us” in front of Facebook homepage address in order to make it Obviously, “us” here signifies both of you. You can use this feature if you and your partner are listed to be in a relationship together. If you are single, then you will be taken to your own profile.

10- Transfer files over Facebook chat

You can send files through your Facebook chat as simply as you send them through e-mails if not more.

Click on the gear icon in Facebook chat
Click on add files
Upload your files and send
Files can be downloaded just by clicking the received link.

11- Embed Content

You can put out Facebook posts on your blog or website for direct interaction. All you have to do is get an embed code for that post if it is public.

Click the inverted downward arrow on the upper right corner of the post
Click on embed
Copy the Embedd code from the pop-up
Paste it where you see fit to embed that post.

12- View Friendships

a) View friendship between you and your friend

You can look at the Facebook interactions you have had with your friend. You can view your mutual friends, photos and activities in the form of a Facebook timeline.

Go to your friend’s profile
Click on the three dots alongside the message
Click on See friendship option
b) View friendship between two of your friends.

You can even view the friendship activities of two of your friends.

Just go to the friendship page with any of your friends
Click on more tab on lower right side of the cover picture
Enter the name of two of your friends
Click on see friendship.

13- Send private message from email account

You may or may not know that everyone has a mail account registered at Facebook. That mail account is *yourusername* So, if you know someone’s Facebook username then you can send them Facebook messages directly from your conventional email account like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
The mails from the email account are received in the personal messages. These messages are formatted to be like Facebook messages including the name and profile picture.

14- Download your Facebook data

Yes, you can download your entire Facebook data to your computer with just the click of a button. You can download all the information from your facebook account including timeline info, shared posts, messages, photos, videos etc. Not only that butit also contains some hidden data that is not available in your live account like the ads you have clicked on. However, you cannot download these individually.

Click on the inverted triangle on upper right corner of the screen
Click on settings in the menu
Click on Download you Data at the bottom of the menu
Click on start my Archive
The archive will be sent to your email address and t can be downloaded from there.

15- Check your activity log

Activity log contains a list of all your activities from present to the very beginning of your account. It literally contains all of your activities on Facebook of all time. You can check different activities as well like photos, likes, comments, etc. This could be especially useful feature if you want to revise or moderate your past activities on Facebook.

Click on the inverted triangle on upper right corner of the screen
Click on settings in the menu
Click on edit in the Privacy option

Click on use activity log.