Sunday, January 17, 2016

15 Google Services You didn’t know About

Google’s experimentation is bound to have some lesser seen services. So, here is a list of 15 Google Services you probably didn’t know existed.

Google has grown to be the uncrowned king of the internet since its inception in year 1998.  In the process Google has created and acquired a lot of other services to merge into itself creating a number of services and in-service features.

A company synonymous with innovation and experimentation is bound to have some lesser seen facilities in its closet. So, here is a list of 15 Google Services you probably didn’t know existed.

List of Top 15 Google Services You Don't know

1- Google Ingress

Google ingress is a game designed by Google that people can play in real life by physically visiting places and capturing them for their team. You can be a part of one of the two teams and struggle to expand your teams reach. It is super cool game that strengthens community building and provides a fresh perspective to places you visit every day.

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2- Google Takeout

You probably have been a part of Google ecosystem if you use internet regularly. But for some reason if you ever need to pull out the data that you have stored in various Google services like photos, YouTube videos, contacts, Google drive files, etc. You can simply do that using Google Takeout. It even provides you the data in their relevant formats like HTML, Jpeg, vcard, etc.

3- Your Google Preferences

Google uses some set parameters to display targeted ads to you whenever you visit an AdSense enabled webpage. These parameters are results of your previous interactions with Google products and services. However, I bet you didn’t know that you could see or even edit how Google profiles you on the internet including you hundreds or even thousands of your interests, gender and age that Google has guessed through its algorithm.

4- Google Public DNS

Google provides a public DNS service that you can use instead of your service providers DNS. If your service providers DNS is not that great then this will serve as a really great alternative. Google claims an increase in speed and security (It really depends on your location and other factors).

5- Google History

Cannot find that page that you found via Google last week? or last month? or maybe even last year? Or maybe you just want to suffice your curiosity of knowing what and how many searches have you done on Google. You can do it by simply logging in to your Google history. Just visit Google History and extract the data you want about your search analytics.

6- Google Cultural Institute

If you have a thing for History, Culture and art then Google Cultural institute is the place for you. Google cultural institute Enables you to browse through world museums and archives around the world for free. You can even create your own art Gallery.

7- Google Account Permissions

Ever wonder to what web apps, Google scripts, mobile apps and browser extensions have you provided access to your Google account? You can check out all of the apps that you have provided permission to read and write on your Google account. You can even revoke their access to you account if required.

8- Google Mars

You must have seen or used Google Earth but have you tried Google Mars? Google has collaborated with NASA researchers from Arizona State to provide you with Visible, infrared and elevation views of Mars.

9- Google Person Finder

It is actually a great (and noble) initiative from Google. It is a place to look for your loved ones in case of natural disasters. If someone has uploaded their data it could act as a contact point to reunite with the loved ones. It has been used multiple time since 2001.

10- Gmail Meter

If you use Gmail professionally Gmail Meter is a tool that could come in handy. Gmail meter is a tool that provides you various answers and statistics about your Gmail activity graphically. This feature is especially useful to point out the email behavioural patterns so that it can be utilized in the future for better performance.

11- Google Location History

If you have a working internet on your phone and enabled location services then your mobile is constantly uploading your location to the Google servers. You can also view this history on Location History. Not only that but you can download it as well in the form of KML file that you can view inside Google earth and Google Drive.

12- Create your custom route on Google My Maps

My Maps in Google Maps have a multitude of great features. One of them is the ability to create your own maps. My maps enables you to use create the custom routes and places and save them. These maps are also shareable. Another great thing about this feature is that you can even create maps in collaboration with other people.

13- Google reCAPTCHA

We have all been annoyed by those distorted words in a box that just have to be correct to move forward. But Google’s reCAPTCHA has more than meets the eye. Its purpose is to distinguish humans from bots. But then why are there two images in reCAPTCHA. Well, one of them is to prove that you are a human and other one is a picture of an old text that you help in digitizing. Small efforts make big gains after all.

14- Google Activity

If you want a report of the activities that you perform on Google every month then you can simply have it emailed to your email account by Google. Not only that, it is also password protected. This report will provide you with insights into Google services usage like your searches, your number of emails sent and received, etc. 

15- Google Schemer

Google Schemer was a service that helps you find things to do near you. If you are a Google contact user then it shows you what your Google contacts want to do and what they do (i.e. if your contacts use Google+).

These were the 15 fun or useful lesser known services from Google.